Abbreviated Better Health Questionnaire
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All of our cells communicate with each other. Which system is not functioning optimally for you? If you answer "yes" to ANY of the questions below in each section, you may want to consider food or supplement suggestions, as well as other simple fixes.

· Do you suffer from frequent intestinal gas or bloating?
· Are headaches a common occurrence?
· Do you have trouble keeping your weight under control even though you watch your diet?


· Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling as if you've been drugged?

· Do you ever experience brain fog?
· Is there consistent ringing in your ears?

· Do you tend to get every cold and flu that goes around?
· Ever get skin rashes of unknown origin?
· Do you frequently take prescribed antibiotics to get over an infection?

· Do you suffer from arthritis-like pain or inflammation?
· Do the stresses of your life affect your health?
· Do you feel "wired and tired"?
· Is it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep?
· Are you on blood pressure medication?

· Do you feel sleepy from time to time, especially after meals?
· Have you gained weight--especially around the middle of your body?
· Do you have high blood pressure?

· Do you routinely feel a fatigue you can't explain or justify?
· Do you frequently get headaches for no known reason?
· Are you forgetting things you shouldn't be forgetting?

· Do you have a weight problem even though you watch your calories like a hawk?
· Any memory problems?
· Do you eat a lot of foods and drinks stored in plastic containers?
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Confused about supplements? Energy Fitness Faves & Ideas

Below you will find questionnaires and supplement ideas.
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Identi-T Stress

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How Toxic Are You?

Supplement Ideas

The questionnaire above and most of these ideas are from the book "The Disease Delusion" by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Metagenics founder and integrative medicine physician.


Digestive Enzymes:

Clear Change 10-Day Detox Program:

Eat bitter foods.


Clear Change 10-Day Detox Program:

If you don't want to do the whole 10 day detox, it's a great suggestion to add a scoop everyday mixed with water as a snack of the UltraClear Plus:
Choose your own flavor.

Omegagenics EPA DHA (lol... burpless fish oil):


Cut wheat & gluten. Consume more blueberries and garlic, not necessarily together.

Omegagenics EPA DHA (lol... burpless fish oil):

Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance (includes the fish oil and other supplements):


Meta I-3-C:

Again blueberries and garlic will help.


Omegagenics EPA DHA:

D3 5000:

Green tea


CoQ10 ST-100:

Cross training between aerobic and strength training helps the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) function and improves cellular energy production.


No supplement recommendations. This is where you need to take a good look removing or reducing your use of plastic in food or beverage storage and consumption, as well as body products such as makeup, lotions, containers, etc.

Spend more time outside, barefooted.

Reduce processed foods.